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May 13, 2010

Just a reminder that the big “Triple Launch” of Dragon’s Lure, Bad-Ass Faeries:  In All Their Glory, and New Blood is scheduled for May 30 at Balticon in Baltimore, Maryland.  My story, “The Dragon Muse” is in Dragon’s Lure, and the three anthologies together include stories from some of the most original voices in fantasy, SF, and horror.

For more information about the Triple Launch, visit this site.

Also, there is a new contest up on my web site, and this month’s prize is a copy of Dragon’s Lure.  So visit the site and maybe you can win a signed copy of the anthology.

Finally, the Magical Words crowd — Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, A.J. Hartley, Stuart Jaffe, and yours truly — will be appearing at ConCarolinas/DeepSouthCon in Charlotte, North Carolina on  June 4-6.  We’ll be talking about writing, catching up with friends, and selling copies of our books, including Dragon’s Lure.  So come to the con and find us outside the dealers’ room.

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