Seeds of Betrayal is Back in Print!!

September 2, 2010

Seeds of Betrayal, by David B. Coe (Book II of Winds of the Forelands)As many of you know, Seeds of Betrayal, the second volume in my Winds of the Forelands series, briefly went out of print this summer.  Readers who were trying to get their hands on a paperback copy of the book contacted me and told me that new copies of the book were no longer available from bookstores and online sellers.  I, in turn, contacted my agent and editor and we talked to people at Tor.

Well, this story has a very happy ending.  Tor graciously agreed to put the book back in print and according to MPS, the distribution arm of MacMillan publishing, the book should be available for purchase in the next few days.  For more about the book and series, please visit my website —  If you know enough already and just want to buy the darn thing, go ahead and visit your local bookstore and favorite online seller.  You should be able to get your hands on it very soon.

Thanks to all of you for your patience and your help in alerting me to the problem in the first place.


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