Winter’s Back

January 12, 2012

After mild temperatures and rains that made it feel more like March than early January, winter has finally returned to Tennessee.  And the old man seems ticked off.  The rain that was falling earlier has coated everything with a thin but treacherous layer of ice, and the wind is howling, blowing hard, sharp shards of snow in every direction.

I think this will be a great night to start a fire, open a bottle of red wine, and settle in with a good book.  Wherever you might be, I hope you’re keeping warm.


2 Responses to “Winter’s Back”

  1. It’s a sunny 65 degrees in the San Lorenzo Valley, in the mountains a few miles north of Santa Cruz. If you choose the right red, you could be drinking a bit of summer sunlight from around here; right now, of course, the vines are asleep.

    But you’ve got the cozy taken care of: enjoy your book! Fiction or non-fiction?

  2. davidbcoe said

    Ah, sounds lovely. We lived in the Bay Area for a while and used to visit Santa Cruz quite often. Most of what we drink is from Australia (lived there for a year and got hooked on Australian Shiraz), where it’s actually summer right now!

    Fiction: THE WINDUP GIRL. Fabulous.

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