New Year, New Challenges

January 29, 2012

Four weeks into the New Year, and while I am on pace with the work schedule I set for myself, I am also struggling with my current project.  Creativity is not always something one can force, and right now I am trying to make myself come up with ideas for two new books.  Why?  I need to get in proposals to my publisher so that I can get to work on the projects, and in today’s market that means writing up proposals and synopses, regardless of how many books I have written and published in the past.  I might even need to submit a few chapters of the next book along with the proposals.  That’s fine.  I have no problem with that.

What’s giving me fits is trying to come up with the new ideas.  I know the general outlines of what I want to write.  I know where the books fit in with the larger chronology of the project, but beyond that . . . well, I’ve got nothin’.

I have been here before, and I know I’ll get through it.  The ideas will come.  But right now, its a struggle.

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