Gimme a “T” for Taxes

February 22, 2012

Did most of the remaining work on my taxes today.  A writer’s taxes can be complicated — home office, self-employment, contract work, no predictable income from year to year.  I actually wrote a bit about it at the D.B Jackson blog a couple of weeks ago.  (Visit the blog here and scroll down if you’re interested.)

But the part I had to fill in today was my pathetic little 1099-div for my pathetic little investments.  These accounts are odd things to deal with at tax time.  On the one hand, I want my investments to do well.  Obviously, right?  But I don’t want them to do so well that they wreak havoc on my tax liability. This, I suppose, is why people like Mitt Romney have tax shelters and Cayman Island accounts and stuff like that.  I can’t afford such things, but I also can’t really afford the taxes I have to pay because I can’t afford them.  If you get my drift . . . .

Anyway, looking forward to filing and being done.

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