Thoughts While Visiting Colleges With My Kid, part III

March 16, 2012

We spent yesterday tromping around Washington, taking in sights and NOT visiting any schools.  Today we got back “to work.”  We visited Georgetown this morning and were both quite impressed.  My daughter had been predisposed to love it — Georgetown has been sort of her ideal for some time.  On paper, it’s a perfect match for her.  And she loved what she saw.  She’s there tonight, staying with a friend.  I have a feeling I’m never going to get her to leave.

We also visited George Washington University this afternoon.  It’s a far more urban campus (at least the Foggy Bottom campus is; the Mount Vernon campus is, from all reports, far more like a traditional suburban site) and was less scenic than Georgetown.  But my daughter was very impressed with it, as well.  I think it helps that both schools are in Washington, and that she has fallen in love with this city.

We have the weekend to play, and then we go to the North Carolina schools….

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