Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

March 21, 2012

Our eleven day, three state, nine college tour is over, and my daughter and I are back home with Mom and little sister.  We had a terrific week and a half:  few disagreements, nothing that could be considered a fight, and more laughs and giggles and candid conversations than I can count.  We enjoyed a few wonderful meals, took in the sights and sounds and tastes of Washington, D.C.  More to the point, she found four schools that she loved — she intends to apply to all four.  She was also able to cross several other schools off her list, which is valuable, too.

I’m glad to see her finding schools that excite her and have her thinking about her future.  I’m deeply proud of the maturity she has shown throughout this process.  And I’m grateful beyond words for the time we’ve just had together.  I will treasure the memory of this trip for the rest of my days.


2 Responses to “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig”

  1. I went to GW and loved it. Not sure if it made the cut but it was pretty fantastic. Good luck to her!

    • davidbcoe said

      Thanks for that. She liked GW, but felt that it was a bit more urban and somewhat larger than what she wants. We were both impressed by the school though, and we had a great tour guide there.

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