A Post About FIREFLY and a New Interview!

August 23, 2012

Two more stops today on the ever-rolling Summer 2012 THIEFTAKER Blog Tour.  At Adventures in SciFi Publishing, you can listen to a podcast of an interview I did earlier this week with Techno-Wizard and Interviewer Par Excellence Shaun Farrell.  It was a fun conversation; I hope you enjoy it.  You can find it here.

I also have a new post up at SFNovelists.com — “A Writer’s Belated Tribute to FIREFLY.”  The post is about the ways in which Joss Whedon, and other creative stars, can teach writers about the craft of storytelling.  The post is here.

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2 Responses to “A Post About FIREFLY and a New Interview!”

  1. I really enjoyed reading “A Writer’s Belated Tribute to FIREFLY.” As a writer, creative storytellers such as Joss Whedon are always inspiring me with their work. And I agree that one of the things Whedon does best is create well-developed, quirky characters, then stand back and let them go about their business. With my work, I know I have interesting characters when I put them on a page together and sparks fly — arguments, deep conversations, romance, etc. Now I just need to be as brave as your friend and claim my entertainment expenses on my taxes! =)

    • davidbcoe said

      Thanks for the comment, Ashley. I find that I’m the same way. I know that my characters are developing well if their interactions surprise me and crackle with energy. That’s always a great feeling when it happens. But for the record, I’m not as brave at tax time as my friend.

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