Two More Thieftaker Books in the Works!

December 4, 2012

I am delighted to ring in the holiday season by announcing that Tor has agreed to contract two more Thieftaker books (which I write under the D.B. Jackson pseudonym)! The second Thieftaker book, THIEVES’ QUARRY will be available in July 2013. And now I can say that it will be followed by CITY OF SHADES in 2014, and DEAD MAN’S REACH in 2015.

As with the first two Thieftaker books, these new volumes will be mysteries set against the backdrop of actual historical events taking place in pre-Revolutionary Boston.  CITY OF SHADES, takes place in the summer of 1769, during an outbreak of smallpox, while DEAD MAN’S REACH coincides with the Boston Massacre in March, 1770.  Ethan Kaille will be back at work in the city lanes, pursued by Sephira Pryce and her toughs, and harried by Sheriff Stephen Greenleaf.  And, as usual, he will be helped by Diver Jervis, Rev. Trevor Pell, Tarijanna Windcatcher, and, of course, the lovely Kannice Lester. But he will also face new challenges, and encounter new friends.

I’ve already started work on CITY OF SHADES, and will keep you posted on my progress.


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