Thieves’ Quarry is now out in Paperback!!

June 3, 2014

Quarry120Today is the release day for the paperback edition of Thieves’ Quarry, book II in the Thieftaker Chronicles.  Paperback release days aren’t quite as exciting as hardcover release days (and I have one of those coming up for A Plunder of Souls, the third Thieftaker book, in a little over a month).  Thieves’ Quarry has been out in hardcover for almost a year now, and it’s also been available as an ebook and an audiobook.  So, this paperback release might seem like a bit of an anticlimax — a so-what moment.  But the fact is, many readers can’t afford hardcovers.  Some don’t have e-readers and don’t spend enough time in their cars to justify the purchase of an audio book. For them, the paperback release of a long-awaited novel is a big deal.  So, I’m very happy to say that the paperback of Thieves’ Quarry is out and it looks great.  I hope that if you’ve been holding off on buying the book to this point, you’ll check it out now. And I hope you enjoy it.DBTQmmRelease


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