I’m over at SFNovelists today — that’s the site I help to maintain with over one hundred other published authors of fantasy and science fiction.  I’m writing about my new E-reader in a post called “My New E-Reader and Me:  A Match Made in ‘Meh.'”  I hope you enjoy it.

So, I have a short story that I’ve written under the D.B. Jackson pseudonym, and I intend to make it available soon on the D.B. Jackson website as a .pdf (as I have other stories, as well as sample chapters from the books).  But I am also interested in possibly creating a podcast of me doing a reading of the story. I have a microphone that I use for music, and I know that I can record myself in Garage Band.  But I don’t know what to do after that.  Do I have to put it up on iTunes as a podcast?  Can I simply make the file available as a download on the website, just as I would the .pdf?  Any feedback/advice would be most appreciated.

Today’s post can be found at http://www.sfnovelists.com, the group blog on speculative fiction that I maintain along with a group of over one hundred published authors of fantasy and science fiction. It is called “E-Publishing and the Short Story Writer,” and it’s about the ways in which new technologies might impact the short fiction market. I hope you enjoy it.

I’ve been meaning to post more this week, but with all the stuff going on at Magical Words, I haven’t had time.

I did want to relate this little tidbit though.  This past weekend, at ConCarolinas, I signed my first eReader.  Really.  It was a Kindle, and the owner was a fan of my books, and she had me sign the back of the reader with a sharpie.  Very cool.  I wonder if this will become a trend.

New Web Site is Up!

May 27, 2010

I have successful concluded my war with Dreamweaver and am now the proud owner of a newly renovated web site.  Check it out at http://www.DavidBCoe.com.

The content is fairly similar to the old site, but the navigation is smoother and it looks ten times better.  At least I think it does.  Let me know what you think.  And while you’re there, please feel free to visit the contests page and enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Dragon’s Lure, the new anthology edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail.  My story, “The Dragon Muse,” is in there, along with works by Misty Massey, C.E. Murphy, and many others.


February 12, 2010

I received my copy of Outdoor Photographer today, and on the cover, along with the other article teasers (“Choose an Ultimate Nature DSLR”, “Are Sensors Better Than Film?”) was this one:

“Shoot Digital Like Ansel Adams” (They bolded his name.)

What’s next?

“Use a Word Processor Like Charles Dickens

“Record Your Own CDs Like Ludwig van Beethoven

“Film Your Own Dramas Like William Shakespeare

I’m a little late to the party with this one — we had a storm yesterday and it knocked out our internet for a while.  But in what appears to be fall-out from the iPad release and new competition between Apple and Amazon over ebook sales, Amazon has now halted direct sales of all MacMillan books, including Tor imprints, until MacMillan stops insisting that Amazon honor their price points in marketing their products.  In essence, Amazon is trying to bully MacMillan, and by extension other publishers, into charging a certain amount for books.  And until they get their way, they’ve pulled books off their cyber-shelves.  Now, on the one hand, Amazon wants to charge less for ebooks than MacMillan, and the MacMillan price point is probably too high.  But stopping sales of the books hurts authors and consumers, and given that I have releases due out this coming week and again later in February, I’m not happy about this.  Not at all.  Here are some links:




As my friend Laura Anne Gilman points out, this isn’t about price, and it’s not about saving consumers money.  It’s about control.  Amazon is terrified of the iPad and with good reason.  They want to maintain their grip on the publishing biz, and so they’re choking off my sales and those of all my friends at Tor and MacMillan in order to get their way.  Not cool at all.

My New Writing Toy

November 20, 2009

I’ve been meaning to post.  Really I have.  I had resolved to post everyday this week.  But then I downloaded my new writing toy, and, well, it’s made the gathering of my research for the new project much more fun.  And it’s kept me fro doing much else.  The new toy is Scrivener, and I know many of you use it already.  It’s a mac-based program designed for writers who are piecing together a project and blending research information with story ideas.  It’s kind of hard to describe really.  I’ve only had it for a few days.  But I like it, and I’m finding it incredibly useful as I begin to pivot from research to writing.

More as I explore further.

A Two-Post Monday

October 26, 2009

I have two posts going up today. The first, my usual Monday Magical Words post, can be found at http://magicalwords.net, the group blog on the business and craft of writing fantasy that I maintain with fellow authors Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, and C. E. Murphy. The post is called “A Luddite Looks at the Future of Books” and it’s about e-books and what they mean for the future of writing and publishing. The second is a special Halloween Week post that I’ve written for the Knight Agency, where I’m represented. This post can be found at http://knightagency.blogspot.com/. I hope you enjoy both posts.

So there’s this site, connected to the Apple site, from which you can download apps that are designed specifically for macs.  Many of them are shareware or freeware.  Others are demos for programs you have to buy to really use.  A few days back I downloaded a couple of games — solitaire type things — thinking, “Where would be the harm in having a couple of these games on my computer?”

Well, the harm is that they are totally addictive!  I just got sucked into a game and only emerged 45 minutes later.  I have no idea where that time went, but it certainly didn’t go into anything productive.  Dangerous.  Very dangerous.

I think I should delete them.  Maybe tomorrow….