It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post for the Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour (yes, it’s September, but it’s still summer officially . . .), and in that time I have attended DragonCon, and been busy on a couple of other fronts that I can’t discuss just yet but hope to announce soon.  Today, I am happy to point you to an interview I did with Garrett Calcaterra about writing professionally in the current market.  Originally, Garrett interviewed me for an article he published at Black Gate Magazine that touched on these issues and focused not only on me, but also on fellow writers M. Todd Gallowglas, Wendy N. Wagner, and Patrick Hester.  Today, the full interview is available here, on Garrett’s website.  I hope you enjoy it.

I’m On Twitter

February 4, 2009

So last night I let some friends (if you can call them that!) talk me into joining Twitter and I can already tell that this was a serious mistake.  We’re talking major procrastination enabler here.  The guilty parties were Alethea Kontis, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Stephen Gould — I offer their names so that my agent and editor will know exactly who to blame for all future missed deadlines.

Anyway, if you’re on Twitter and you’d care to follow me, my username (as always) is DavidBCoe.  Looking forward to your tweets!